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Extracurricular Athletics

Extracurricular School Activities–    Athletics is recognized as an integral part of education and complements our greater mission. Lessons of commitment, teamwork, tenacity, and overcoming adversity are advanced on our court, turf and fields. It is in the midst of “running to win the prize” that our student-athletes experience great life lessons.  These lessons go beyond the x’s and o’s and into the heart. Along the way, our programs also provide wonderful opportunities to strengthen the larger community of Jubilee.  Relationships built on the sideline provide cohesiveness among our parents as they support their children.


Sports Offered for the 2017-2018 Athletics Year:


Fall- Soccer (grades 2nd-5th)

Spring- Basketball (grades 2nd-5th)

Spring- Kickball (grades Kinder-1st)


Middle School: (grades 6th-8th)

Fall- Girls Volleyball/Boys Flag Football

Winter- Girls/Boys Basketball

Spring- Girls/Boys Soccer



For any additional info regarding athletics contact the Campus Athletic Coordinator:

Campus Athletic Coordinator

Andrew Jefferson